Campbell River – Are you ready to quit smoking?

6qsI’ll be coming to Campbell River to do a group quit smoking show on Friday August 29th, at 6.30 pm. This one and a half hour show will help you end your smoking for ever. If you are ready to quit, and would like to put those smokes behind you for good, then I can help.

I’ve done these shows throughout Canada, though this will be a first in Campbell River. We enjoy high success rates with this show, and you’ll benefit from using hypnosis to move to a smoke free life. While some people have struggled to quit, worrying that that just don’t have the will power to make it work, hypnosis will refine your will and help you move past that self doubt.

I’ve been putting on quit smoking hypnosis shows for years. This will be the first in Campbell River, but not the first hypnosis show I’ve done here. I’ve been lucky enough to put on some great Dry Grad hypnosis shows for both CARIHI and Timberline – two of my favorite schools to visit at Grad time. Now I am happy to return to Campbell River with a Quit Smoking Group show, and later that night a Rob Hadley Comedy Hypnosis Show – The Rock Solid Hypnosis Show!

So, come on Friday August 29th, 2014, at 6.30 at The Coast Discovery┬áHotel. Please be sure to sign up for the show, so I have an idea of numbers! If you pay in advance it’s just $50, and you get free entry into the comedy show later that night at 9 pm. That’s a $15 saving on the door price – $35 saving if you stick around for the comedy show.

Spaces are limited, so be sure to register as early as possible.

Sign up or prepay here: