The Most Exciting New Hypnosis Show To Hit Vancouver In Years!

I am thrilled to say that Sharlene and I are back in a raucous and bawdy exploration of all that is best – and worst – of transforming hypnosis! Join us for a hilarious night of excitement at The Junction on Davie Street.

You are going to love this hypnosis show, that will have you talking about the performance for years to come. After the success of The Harlequin Hypnosis Show we struggled to find where to take things to push boundaries even further over the boundaries of entertainment.

We needed look no further than our very own Davie Street for inspiration. We’re thrilled to be kickin’ it rainbow style in a show that all adults will enjoy at The Junction on October 5th, 2018. If you’ve never been to a club like The Junction this is a great chance to see some extraordinary and creative entertainers and make some wonderful new friends.

We’d love to see you at The Junction, 1138 Davie Street, Vancouver on October 5th, 2018. Doors open at 8 pm, and the show starts at 9.00 pm. Get there around 8 and you’re likely to meet Sharlene and I in the bar!

Bring a friend and make this an amazing night to remember. Tickets can be found HERE – and are just $12 each.

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We’re looking at doing some public Vancouver shows soon!

Sharlene and I are looking at doing some Vancouver shows in the late summer and fall. If you’d like to be kept in the loop about when and where, be sure to fill out the form below and we’ll let you know.

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Another successful Harlequin Hypnosis Show season!

What an amazing run of The Harlequin Hypnosis Show! 2015 has been a great year for this very “Vancouver” show, and a year that has brought new line ups, including our friends Persons Of Interest, a North Vancouver band.

Sherri Lynn and Sharlene both had fun on stage and we know our audiences loved what we did. Harlequin Hypnosis Show returns in October 2016.

We’re now looking forward to the Christmas and New Year corporate shows, and already booking Grad Shows for summer 2016.

Timberline Dry Grad – Amazing!

Getting up to Campbell River is always a pleasure. It’s a time to do a couple of great hypnosis shows and catch up on blogging and posts online in the day in between the shows. This year The Timberline Dry Grad was smash hit. Between shows I often stay at The Dolphins resort just north of the town. It’s a great place to get away.

For 2015 the grad shows were lifted up a notch. Everyone loved the new format of shows, which really ups the game in the world of dry grad shows. This has drawn on content and style from the highly successful Harlequin Hypnosis Show. The results were amazing..

Timberline, Campbell River – Rob Hadley dry grad hypnosis show. from Rob Hadley on Vimeo.

I love going to Campbell River every year to do the hypnosis show at the dry grad. 2015 was no exception. These guys always have a great time. http://Supertrance.Net