Get ready for a hypnosis show you will never forget!

Hypnotist Rob Hadley

We provide the very best in comedy hypnosis. We work with grads, corporate clients, theaters and clubs.

Our shows are original, inspiring and always uplifting. That’s why we are continually rated as the best comedy hypnosis available in the Pacific Northwest.

If you are looking for the best in hypnosis shows, you are in the right place. Rob Hadley has presented everything from simple one man shows to complex hypnosis spectaculars like The Harlequin Hypnosis Show. His productions have been described as “the future of stage hypnosis” in the media.

You will love the fast pace of Rob Hadley’s Hypnosis Shows. The shows incorporate not only the fascination of hypnosis, but also hilarious stage set ups, music and age appropriate fun for each specific audience.

Get ready for the night you will never forget!

Enjoy the best hypnosis shows available – and enjoy our amazing videos.

We can always be contacted using the contact details you will find HERE.