The Quit Smoking Show comes to Victoria, BC.

I’ll be bringing the Quit Smoking Show to the Coast Harbourside in Victoria on September 12th, at 6.30 pm. Join me and end your smoking for ever. Tickets are $65 at the door or $50 online. Prepay HERE.

stop smokingThis show has already helped hundreds of people end their smoking permanently. We enjoy high success rates with this show, and you’ll benefit from using hypnosis to move to a smoke free life. While some people have struggled to quit, worrying that that just don’t have the will power to make it work, hypnosis will refine your will and help you move past that self doubt.

You will be taken through a simple process to bring your habit to its overdue conclusion. You’ve probaby tried other methods, but very likely none address the psychological reasons you smoke. At best, all that’s happened is you’ve delayed smoking until something triggers you to pick up a cigarette. Was it stress? Alcohol? Using hypnosis we will end your smoking together.

Book online and save $15. Full details here:

The Coast Harborside in Victoria is located at 146 Kingston Street, Victoria, BC V8V 1V4