Quit Smoking Seminars


6.30 pm March 27th, 2015 – Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna BC.

Rob Hadley’s Stop Smoking Seminars

In a paper presented to the International Conference on Smoking Cessation, Dr. Jerome Schwartz, Health Care Research Specialist for the California Department of Health, demonstrated the results of 160 Smoking Cessation programs conducted over the past 20 years. The methods compared were: hypnosis, self-control, individual counseling, behavior modification and medications. The study concluded the following: “From the published results, it appears that the highest success rate was accomplished by hypnosis.” 

Vancouver Hypnotherapy has consistently achieved the most effective results in helping people end their smoking habit. Rob Hadley brings these same techniques to the seminars he presents throughout BC.

You’ve likely wanted to quit smoking for a while. Probably you know you can do it, but you’ve been waiting for just the right moment. Of course you feel concerned about it, but with the right help you know you can succeed in ending this old and redundant habit. Rob has helped literally thousands of people go from where you are now, to happier and healthier lifestyle, free from smoking. The time has arrived.

Join us in our next quit smoking seminar, and end your smoking permanently. Our seminars are held in quality locations, where you can feel assured of an enjoyable hypnosis experience. You can look forward to a 2 hour group hypnosis session, and then the pleasure of never having to worry about smoking again.

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6.30 pm March 27th, 2015 – Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna BC.

Online price: $50.00     Price on the door:$75.00 – We pay the GST.  

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Tips for those attending a Quit Smoking Seminar

  • Wear layered clothing and feel comfortable in any room that is too warm or too cold for your personal needs.

  • Some people prefer to lie down for hypnosis. If you think you might like to lie down, then you could bring a pillow and blanket.

  • .If you wish to reduce your smoking before your session you may want to use the downloadable self hypnosis file you can buy here: https://gumroad.com/l/ivDI

  • Arrive early for best seating. Doors usually open for registration 45 minutes before the seminar begins.

  • When planning for babysitters, or to be picked up after the seminar, please note that most seminars run approximately 2 hours in length, depending on the size of the group.

    For the two weeks following your session be sure to follow our suggested regime of 2 brief sauna or steam room sessions a week and a slightly increased exercise routine.


One thought on “Quit Smoking Seminars”

  1. Sue in Kelowna wrote: “My bf and I would like to join you at your quit smoking session in Kelowna. Is it just pay at the door?

    One other question I have is, what if I can’t be hypnotized? I’ve seen the entertainment ones before and volunteered once but couldn’t be hypnotized. It would really be disappointing if it didn’t work. I’ve tried several ways to quit but seem to lack the will power and really hope this will do the trick!

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for contacting me. Yes, just pay when you arrive. As far as getting hypnotized, it’s rather different from stage hypnosis generally. You will feel very relaxed and go into a light state of trance. If you’ve done yoga it will feel familiar as shavasana is a very similar feeling.

    For therapeutic styles of hypnosis we do not require the deep trance that you see when I do a general stage show. In fact, during stage shows many people have no memory of hypnosis afterwards. That is not what we want in a therapeutic style of hypnosis. We’re looking for a light level of trance that will affect you for the rest of your life. Don’t worry. I will take care of your smoking and you will not need to worry about it in future. Se you on Jan 24th at The Coast Capri.


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