The Hypnosis Show You Will Never Forget!

About Us

GET READY for an unforgettable entertainment experience! Rob Hadley’s Comedy Hypnosis Shows are fresh, HILARIOUS, fun and audience friendly. WATCH IN AMAZEMENT as audience volunteers transform right before your eyes into the hypnotized and mesmerized stars of the show! Rob has performed all over the world in theaters, casinos, at corporate events, fairs and festivals and countless Grads. He is the PERFECT CHOICE for a great time!


We provide stage hypnosis shows you will never forget. Our hypnotists deliver an interactive evening of fun and entertainment your audience will talk about for years to come. We have a variety of formats spanning the Dry Grad, to Corporate Christmas Parties, and can even provide parties with adult content if requested.

SuperTrance has grown from being one person, jumping in to help at the last minute with a fund raising show, to being a group that provides the finest in show hypnosis. We field a team suitable for each occasion. This may be a single hypnotist, or a full team of hypnotists, sound technicians, costume and prop support, and video technicians. Our experience in this field is unmatched.

The fast paced content of our show engages and uses your audience as the stars of the show. Volunteers are integrated into the performances of original and entertaining hypnosis sets. We often use a great deal of music, and you should expect your audience – hypnotised or not – to be up and dancing at various stages of the show. There is nothing passive about a SuperTrance show. The show will leave your audience breathless.

We have developed a new format – Harlequin – that is specifically designed for theater, clubs and larger venues . Our objective with Harlequin is to provide great entertainment, as well as create a visual spectacle that moves the art of show hypnosis forward. Harlequin has packed theaters in Vancouver for the last year and is now entering it’s second season with a radical new show – Jacqueline The Ripper. This is one of several developments we are advancing to create new and original approaches to entertainment hypnosis. You can read all about The Harlequin Hypnosis Show¬†here.

We can create themed shows, shows with very specific objectives in mind, and shows at short notice on an impromptu basis. If you are serious about providing a hypnosis show you are in the right place.

A SuperTrance Show is designed to be adapted for parties of any age, and is performed for a minimum audience of 150. There is no maximum audience size. We can adapt the stage aspect according to what is available. We use radio microphones and computer driven sound systems, interfacing with existing sound boards and amps, though we can provide independent sound systems at additional cost.

We have a group of hypnotists and staff, allowing us to put several shows on at any time. It’s not unusual for us to provide shows at several different locations on one night, during busy periods around Christmas or Grad season. SuperTrance hypnotists are the best in the business and always deliver a night you’ll find unforgettable.

SuperTrance has been created to be delivered across Canada and beyond. To date we’ve had performances across the Canada and the US, as well as in the UK, India,¬† the Caribbean and Brazil. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you an unforgettable night of comedy hypnosis.