The Hypnosis Show You Will Never Forget!

Stand Up Comedy

I love to do stand up and accept bookings throughout Canada. These shows tend to be shorter than hypnosis shows, are often considerably more affordable and are often suitable for conferences and private groups.

Typically a stand up set is about 30 minutes and comes in at about $400, plus transport and accommodation, if required.

Be sure to call if you have a very specific requirement – as one recent client did. She needed a Pastor to fake a wedding for her daughter. So, out came Pastor Rob. Yes… And her daughter was not in on the joke. By the time she figured out that this wedding was not quite what she thought it was things were well underway.

I sometimes wonder if I am going to end up being shot, when I do a gig like that.  I truly suffer for my art!

I would add, it all had a very funny and happy ending.